Epoxy Line Striping

 Differences in warehouse and distribution facilities and their budgets, often dictate the level of work allowed prior to applying a warehouse floor striping solution, which is why unprepared methods are often more appropriate than the durable alternatives.

Direct epoxy floor striping is the practice of applying a paint system to a concrete surface without prior work to improve adhesion. Unfortunately, the performance of this type of floor marking is limited, though still popular none the less. As it is less durable, it can be altered or made more hard-wearing later once the layout and operational flow of the facility is confirmed.

As with all of our warehouse striping methods, we select the most appropriate paint system for your facility and traffic needs, we only use the very best available. I.I.C.i. is not restricted to any one paint supplier and we explore every option before making our recommendation to you.

Our most popular and most commonly used paint system is epoxy.

Even though this method of floor marking is on an ‘unprepared’ surface, we do ensure the concrete surface is free from dirt, dust and debris before applying the paint. We may need to use a floor cleaner, solvent and/or other materials to clean the floor, or request the customer does this first.

Two paint application methods are possible with this, which are sprayed and rolled lines. We would recommend sprayed to help reduce time needed and therefore cost and disruption.